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    About Us

    Hubei Hengxin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a Provincial level high tech enterprise which engages in the R&D, production and sales of perfluoroalkane type chemical products by taking the electrochemical fluorination as the main method in the domestic fluorination industry.

    Our company lies in the provincial industrial park--Hubei Yingcheng Economic and Technical Development Zone; Our products include: perfluoroalkyl sulfonic acid, perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acid, perfluorotertiary amine and their derivatives. Our product is mainly used in the petroleum extraction, fire control, textile finishing treatment, paper waterproof, medicine, pesticide, film, electron, electroplate, engineering plastics fire-retardant, lithium battery production and historical relic's protection ,etc. fields. Our product sells to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea,Taiwan and so on countries and areas.

    Service hotline0712-3251666 13886383366Add: Changjing Iron Bridge South 1,Gymnasium Road, Yingcheng, HuBei, CHN
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